Racial Modifiers: HT+1
Cost: 10

The Ryn have developed to a level similar to medieval Europe. Technologically they have books, steel, plate armor, castles, the heavy horse-collar, and a very rudimentary anatomical science.

Culturally the Ryn have music, folklore, and dance similar to medieval Europe. They have legends about a few heroic knights (most of which bards now exaggerate), and their music is played on a harpsichord, flutes, and sung.

There are two religions throughout the Ryn empire. The first, ____.

Ryn are a social nightmare. They have a very organized class system that attempts to keep people in their place based on birth. They are also slightly racist and usually do not let other races gain power in their class system.

Defining characteristics of a Ryn are ____, and their fashion.



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