Racial Modifiers: DX+1, Night Vision 5, DR [Feet] 1, TL 0
Cost: 10

The Meroqi are a tribal people that lack technology. They live like an Amazonian native on Earth. Typically they get along with each other but there can be tribal disputes.

Culturally the Meroqi are advanced due to long-standing traditions. Musically they have drums of animal hide and flutes made of bones. The stories they tell can be of an ancient ancestor or the birth of the world or people.

There is mainly one religion among the Meroqi, but sometimes the stories will become different from tribe to tribe. The basic story is this:

Meroqi traditions encompass food preparation, meditation, and passage to adulthood. On food preparation, the Meroqi understand that the Earth-mother provides them with what they need, and when they eat they remember this by thanking her before a meal. This is usually done in a song that takes about 10 seconds to recite. The Meroqi meditate when faced with an ethical dilemma or other problem, asking the ____ to give them guidance. For the passage to adulthood, .

Defining characteristics of a Meroqi include their pale skin, their stone weapons and fur armor, and tattoos.


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